Natures Wild Backyard

The VZDS is committed to providing funding for the Natures Wild Backyard portion of the Zoo Revitalization Project.

The Natures Wild Backyard (construction is to start in 2015) will provide a place of learning and education for children, and include four zones that help children and adults alike to relate to the animals we share this world with. Please support the VZDS to make this project a reality.

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Check Out Our NEW Corporate ZooBuilders Volunteer Program!

We think Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the best trends in recent years – and we love having individuals and groups volunteer with us. One of the things most groups don’t realize however is that there is a cost to the Edmonton Valley Zoo whenever we have large groups volunteer. We need to provide orientation, supervision and safety equipment. We often have to bring extra staff in. Due to these costs, we have created a group volunteer program that asks for a donation per volunteer group...

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