Completed Projects

Veterinary Hospital

The Zoo’s new veterinary hospital is complete. This facility includes a treatment clinic, a surgery, quarantine facilities and laboratory. The Valley Zoo Development Society contributed $150,000 to this project.

A new perimeter fence, approximately 10 feet tall, replaced the existing wooden fence along Buena Vista Drive and the zoo parking lot. The budget includes landscaping and other improvements.

Total funding allocated for capital development: $53.3 million

Makira Outpost

This new structure signals the beginning of change at the Valley Zoo. It is the first enclosure to open that aligns with the Valley Zoo’s City Council approved master plan for renewal.

The enclosure and the island are fitting for the Lemurs as the island of Madagascar is the only place in the world where Lemurs live in the wild. The design of this building allows for the exhibit of four different endangered species of Lemur, and they can easily co-exist both inside and outside on the island year-round.

It is unique in using passive solar considerations and the naturalized interior environment with a living wall backdrop composed of living plants. The island is barrier free, with no fence, because the design incorporates a natural water moat barrier — lemurs do not like water!

Bighorn Sheep Enclosure Upgrade

Bighorn sheep landscaping and retaining was upgraded by the addition of large rocks, improving the habitat for the animals and viewing opportunities for you.

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