Canada’s Most Famous Pachyderm Painter

Lucy, the Valley Zoo’s resident Asian elephant began painting in the early 1990s. Originally introduced as a simple method of enriching her life, painting soon grew into a way for Lucy to express herself. She is now among the dozens of elephants around the world who showcase their art in top galleries. The work of painting elephants commands top prices, and each painting is as individual and unique as the animal that created it.

Each painting begins with the zookeepers mixing the colours (Lucy uses only non-toxic acrylic paints). Lucy has graduated from having the paintbrush placed in her trunk to choosing the brush herself. She paints as much as she wants with a certain colour, and once she is finished she hands the brush back to her keeper. The colours used and the brush strokes depend highly on Lucy’s own mood. Each piece is very different, but they all show similar lines, circles and dabs. Lucy definitely has her own style!

Lucy’s paintings have been showcased in several art shows. The Valley Zoo Development Society invites you to purchase your own piece of art by Canada’s most famous pachyderm painter by choosing a painting from our website or by calling (780) 496-6924 or emailing us at to arrange viewing additional paintings. The Valley Zoo is proud of Lucy’s success and will continue to encourage her growth as an artist.

The benefits of Lucy’s art are realized close to home as 85% of the proceeds stay at the Valley Zoo to be utilized for new exhibits. Proceeds from Lucy’s art help Elephants around the world as 15% each year goes to the AZA and the International Elephant Foundation to support conservation work. Please visit for information on efforts to ensure the long term survival of elephants.